Shazib Hussain

About Me

Hi I'm Shazib, I'm a software engineer based in the Midlands building back-end and desktop applications, occasionally mobile apps, and everything in between! My goal is always to build performant products that deliver native experiences.

After graduating from Cranfield University, I joined the small development team at TandG Apps full time where I spent most of my time building native iOS & Android apps. Shortly afterwards I moved to Mercedes-AMG F1 as an Aerodynamcics Software Engineer where I work on a number of bespoke projects for the aero department.

Some technologies I've worked with recently:

  • C# (.NET Core/Framework)
  • C++ (Qt, std, MFC)
  • HTML & (S)CSS
  • SQL (MS SQL)
  • Xamarin, AppCenter
  • Jira & Confluence
  • Git, TFS
Mercedes AMG F1
Sept 2016 - Present

Aerodynamics Software Engineer

The aerodynamics software team at Mercedes is a small department, and as such I have significantly enhanced the software development capability. I have been involved in maintaining & re-architecting legacy (VC++ MFC) systems; as well as leading the charge to moderning (C# .NET) this older tech stack. I helped intoduce good unit testing & mocking practices. More recently I have been involed in a further push for modernisation by leveraging my existing skills to develop an Andoid app (Xamarin, .NET Core Web API).

I am responsible for the full production stack, including requirements gathering, testing, deployment, database deployments, and keeping close relationships with client and business needs, as well as working with other teams in the business for cross-department projects. I have contributed to deployments on highly critial systems, such as those running on trackside infrastructure. My introduction to the team also allowed increased capability for fringe projects, such as a custom STL file clash checker and introducing besoke integration with CAD software & MS Office.

  • New systems in C# (.NET Core/Framework, ASP.NET Core, EntityFramework, NHibernate, DevExpress)
  • Maintenance & Feature development on large VC++ MFC application
  • Xamarin Android application, deployed via Microsoft AppCenter
  • Database Admin, Optimisations & C# DB control app (T-SQL, SMO)
  • COM integrations to CAD systems & MS Office (CATIA, 3DX)
  • Bespoke STL file Geometry Collision Tool (Parallel C++)
  • WCF & REST Web Services (.NET Web API)
  • Creating & Deploying Windows Services
  • Bespoke STL Viewer (Qt, some OpenGL)
  • C++/CLI DLLs & C# Interop
T and G Apps
Sept 2015 - April 2016

Lead iOS Developer

Promoted to a more senior role at the company, I was directly responsible for client management and overseeing iOS projects through to completion, as well as leading other developers on the team. I also took on a support role as a developer for the other projects such as Android project and web servers & apps.

  • Developed an iOS app for a client’s dating website using Swift, Alamofire, Facebook SDK and Realm. Took over existing web API to perform maintenance, bugfixing & database management on AWS.
  • Updated & improved a client’s existing vehicle expense tracking iOS app, using Objective-C, Core Data and AFNetworking. Project involved a significant overhaul of a legacy codebase alongside implementation of new features.
  • Developed a custom CMS system (Node.js, PostgreSQL, AWS, Angular.js) which allowed client’s to update apps easily from a web app. Migrated existing parts of the project to ECMAScript 6.
  • Introduced a thorough testing and QA regime into the company’s existing Kanban development style.
T and G Apps
Sept 2014 - Sept 2015


Joined a small team part-time during my MSc as a general applications developer to provide assitance wherever it was needed. The majority of my work was on Mobile App developement, which forays into back-end management.

  • Extensive use of GitLab & JIRA
  • Developed 2D mobile game templates using Lua and Corona.
  • Developed an iOS application using Swift and Alamofire for a local park.
  • Supported larger projects by using Corona(Lua) to integrate native Android code.


Part of my Masters thesis, a JavaScript library to perform surface subdivision on arbitrary topology 3D meshes with Catmull–Clark, Doo–Sabin, and Loop subdivision schemes. A demo application using GLSL, WebGL and JavaScript demonstrates use of the library with user control over subdivision depth.

  • WebGL
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • GLSL


BSc Thesis project. A multiplatform Qt/C++ based SFTP Client with a particular focus on GUI design and usability. C libraries libssh and OpenSSL are also used.

  • Qt
  • C++
  • libssh

Personal Website

First iteration of my personal website, using Jekyll and hosted on GitHub pages

  • Jekyll
  • (S)CSS
  • HTML
  • JavaScript

Computational Techniques in Software Engineering

  • Computer Graphics (OpenGL, Qt, GLSL, C/C++, Graphics pipeline)
  • Computational Methods (IVPs, ODEs, Matrix equations etc, implemented in C/C++)
  • High Performance Computing (MPI, C, Parallel program design)
  • Requirements Analysis (Agile, SDLC, UML)
  • Small Scale Parallel Programming (CUDA, C/C++, OpenMP)
  • Software Testing (QTest, Visual Studio unit testing)
  • Other: Cloud Computing theory, advanced C++, SQL and Java (Swing/IO)

Computer Science

  • Covered C#, ASP.NET, Objective-C, Java, Oracle PL/SQL, Z-Schema and UML, as well as Database Design and theory in Algorithms andComputer Networks/Distribution (Cisco iOS)
A Levels & GCSE

Moulton School & Science College

  • A-Levels: ICT (A*), Product Design (B), Chemistry (C), Physics (C)
  • AS-Level: Level 3 Extended Project Qualification (A)
  • GCSE: 5A, 4B, 1C including English, Mathematics & Double Award Science


  • C++
  • C#
  • HTML
  • CSS/Sass
  • SQL
  • Swift
  • OpenGL/CUDA (Basic)


  • .NET Core, Framework
  • MFC
  • Xamarin
  • WinForms (DevExpress)
  • Jekyll
  • iOS (Not recently)
  • Microsoft SMO


  • Redgate SQL
  • Git
  • Postman
  • Visual Studio
  • Qt Creator
  • Linux CLI
  • AWS